Patient Testimonials

- James Ly

Dear Dr. Lin

I am specially writing you this letter to say " Thank you". Due to my long-term illness, and all the medications that I have taken over the years, has caused all my teeth to be deteriorated very badly. There isn't one tooth in my mouth that wasn't damaged. I have consulted a few dentists, but it seemed like they weren't really sure where to begin. After doing more research, I have found Dr. Lin. Because of his ability and expertise, Dr. Lin has changed my life completely. Not only reconstructed all my teeth Dr. Lin but also gave me a brand new smile. Now, I can once again smile and laugh with confidence! Thank you very much, Dr. Lin.


Thanks to Dr Lin, I have a wonderful, strong and a working molar. look forward to years of eating and enjoying the foods I love. I realize how important molars are as we grow older. Many elderly, have lost their molars or can not use their old bridges. My mom was a good example. She could not use her bridges and she had lost her molars. Unfortunately, she was not able to chew properly, she was not able to eat the delicious food hat she loved. She had to eat pureed foods. When Dr. Lin, said that I was losing my molar, he suggested an implant. I have not regretted my decision.Dr. Lin and his staff were so professional, helpful and reassuring. I would not hesitate to have another implant, if needed, especially,  with Dr. Lin as my dentist.


-Monic U

I would highly recommend Dr. Lin for all your dental services! I have been a patient of Dr. Lin's for three years and have always been satisfied with his services. I got my braces with Dr. Lin and am very happy with the results. My teeth are now perfect and the treatment time was shorter than I expected. Dr. Lin and his office staff have always been professional and dedicated to providing the best care for their patients. They make an effort to get to know you explain all procedures thoroughly and make you feel at ease!

-L.K. Wong

My name is L.K. Wong. I am more than seventy years old. I have been suffering from
dental pain for years. I canít eat well for many years until two years ago I met Dr. Lin
who solved all my dental problems. Dr. Lin helped me extract all my upper teeth and
gave me dental implants. Before I met Dr. Lin, I was very afraid of dental implant,
because one of my friends had a bad experience. My friendís face got swollen up for
more than 10 days after the implant surgery and my friend couldnít eat for two weeks.
But with Dr. Linís excellent surgical skill, the extraction was painless, even the implant
was also painless as well. It was done very smoothly. I just needed to eat porridge the
same day. Next day, I was able to eat regular food. I am very satisfied with Dr. Linís
treatment. Not only Dr. Lin has an excellent skill, but he is very kind and gentle. His
office is very clean and modern. All of his staffs are very helpful and enthusiastic. He is
the Dr. my family would trust. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin to you for all of your
dental services.


Dr. Lin did an excellent job on my gum graft. My gums were receding which caused sensitivity everytime anything cold touched my tooth and gums. I went to Dr. Lin to do the graft and I was very well pleased. It didn't hurt at all and the healing process was very fast. I'm still pleased until today and I don't have any problems anymore about the sensitivity. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin for gum grafting. I have been going to Dr. Lin for about 7 years and he and his staff are very friendly and make me feel comfortable at every visit.





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